Buy Raw Gold

How to Buy Raw Gold

How to Buy Raw Gold

Buying raw gold consists of complications. Refiners prepare gold in bars of high purity, often at 99.9 percent fineness. However, raw gold typically alloyed to other metals.  Therefore, raw gold is not pure.

The Prospecting and Mining Journal reports “that raw Alaskan gold is typically 87 percent pure, with 12 percent silver and 1 percent other metals. Most raw gold is available as dust, flakes and small pieces.

Larger nuggets are rarer and command premium prices. Miners charge the full spot price for pure gold when selling nuggets, even though the gold content is diluted. You can expect dealers to clean raw gold of soil and sediment before sale.” Eric Bank Demand media Read MoreBuy Raw Gold

Because raw gold has many variables.  It is not recommended for the average Joe to invest in raw gold /gold dust.

Sure if you find raw gold in a garage sale or in an attic, provides information in the sale.
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