Buying/selling gold dust, taxes and refining?

Buying/selling gold dust, taxes and refining?

I have an opportunity to buy about 1 to 2 oz gold per week from a small mining operation. Price is 70% of spot which is tempting….

The gold is fine dust/flour. Impurities are likely to be Cu, Hg and Ag, not to mention sand and dirt. Will be treated with nitric acid before buying. I’ve been told it’s around 90% but have no proof at the moment.

The plan would be to get a small batch, have it asseyed, and if it comes back as expected, accumulate it for a while then have a bunch of it refined.

Any recommendations on where to send it to get asseyed and refined? Be nice if it was local (northern CA) but anything works as long as they are trustworthy and have good rates. 10/3/11 Read More

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