Find Gold

Find Gold

Learn how to Find Gold. Gold can be found in an abandon jewelry box, at a garage sale, a 2nd hand store or by mining. How to find gold takes work.  At second hand stores, you find fantastic gold opportunities at below cost.

The first step in locating cheap gold, is to spot / identify gold’s characteristics on jewelry. Many times, gold jewelry will be marked as:

10k Gold =42% gold and 58% alloy

12K Gold=50% gold and 50% alloy

14K Gold=58% gold and 42% alloy

18K Gold =75% gold and 25% alloy

GF=Gold Filled, Gold Overlay, and Gold Electroplate are not considered valuable.  GF gold is something you need to watch out for.
Find Gold

Gold is very heavy. Gold is about 19X as heavy as water or 3X as heavy as iron. This makes finding gold much easier. Because of its weight, gold will always sink to the lowest level as possible.

How to Find Gold by Mining

While you can find small amounts of natural gold just about everywhere, finding concentrated gold deposits takes a little knowledge of just how gold gets around.


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