Man Steals $1.6 Million in Gold Flakes

Man Steals $1.6 Million in Gold Flakes

Imagine a busy city street in New York City.  An unguarded bucket of gold flakes worth $1.6 Million dollars, sitting in the back of an armored car, is snatched by a passerby.

On 48th street, in the world famous Diamond District of New York, the alleged thief was an Hispanic man in his 50’s.  The NY Police, the crime was not premeditated.  In the article, NYPD: Thief steals 86-pound bucket of gold flakes worth $1.6 million, by Tim Marcin, International Business Times, 11/29/16, detailed the $1.86 million dollar gold flake heist:
“Despite the massive value of the bucket’s contents, police apparently believe the swipe wasn’t premeditated, rather a heist driven by happenstance. The man seemingly took advantage of an about 20-second window during which one guard was making a drop-off and the other was heading to the front of the armored truck to grab his cell phone.Read More

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“Police in New York City are looking for a quick-thinking thief who stole an 86-pound bucket of gold flakes worth nearly $1.6 million off an armored truck in Manhattan. (Nov. 30).” Read More

“The end of the rainbow may mean jail time for one man who was caught on surveillance stealing a large pot of gold from a truck in New York City before scuttling away without anyone noticing. The NYPD is on the case, hunting for the thief who robbed an armored truck of a bucket of gold flakes worth $1.6 million. The truck was parked on West 48th street when the man walked up, took the 86-pound bucket out of the back of it, and slyly walked away.” Read More

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