What is Gold? Gold as an Investment!

What is Gold? Gold has unusual properties.  It density is 19X of that of water. Gold is malleablewhat is gold (soft) and must be hardened with other alloys. Gold has an unusual color. However, gold is non-magnetic.  Gold is very inherent. Around 1400 tons of gold produced each year.  Gold has many industrial applications. Gold as an Investment!

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Article What is Gold? Gold as an Investment!

What is a Gold Karat?Most gold jewelry isn’t made of pure gold. The amount of gold in awhat is gold necklace or ring is measured on the karat scale. Pure gold is 24 karats. Bars of gold kept in Fort Knox and elsewhere around the world are considered to be 99.95 percent pure, 24-karat gold.”  Read More by Corey Binns   |   December 24, 2012 10:11am ET  http://www.livescience.com/

Article What is Gold? Gold as an Investment!

Why the Gold Standard Is the World’s Worst Economic Idea- Economics is often a what is goldcontentious subject, but economists agree about the gold standard — it is a barbarous relic that belongs in the dustbin of history. As University of Chicago professor Richard Thaler points out, exactly zero economists endorsed the idea in a recent poll. What makes it such an idea non grata? It prevents the central bank from fighting recessions by outsourcing monetary policy decisions to how much gold we have — which, in turn, depends on our trade balance and on how much of the shiny rock we can dig up. “ the sooner it began recovering. Read More Matthew O’Brien

Article What is Gold? Gold as an Investment!

What is Gold- “Gold is a metallic element with the atomic number 79 and the symbol Au. what is goldWhile the name gold comes from an Old English word meaning yellow, the symbol comes from the Latin aurum, which means “shining dawn.”

On the periodic table of elements, gold is found in Group 11, along with silver, copper, and roentgenium, and in Period 6 between platinum and mercury. It is referred to as a “transition metal” and is the most malleable, ductile metal. Described as yellow, gold is one of the so-called precious metals, along with silver.” Read More http://www.wisegeek.org



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