How Much is Alluvial Gold Dust Worth? Is Gold Dust a Cheap Investment?

Alluvial Gold Dust consists of fine particles of gold. The Gold Dust originates alluvial gold dust, gold dust, invest in gold dustnaturally or by machining. A natural form of Gold Dust, is by panning for gold.

Gold panning consists of gold extraction by panning deposits; while,  separating gold from aggregate. Panning for gold is one of the oldest forms of extraction and relatively cheap. Just about any beginner can start by panning for gold.

Because of the variable aggregate in panning for gold, gold dust varies in quality.  Panning for gold is great for beginners, but the assaying of the quality of gold dust should be left to the pros.

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What is Alluvial Gold Dust Worth?

Determine the worth of Alluvial Gold Dust is difficult and requires several steps.  Valuing Gold Dust needs to be left to professionals.

Steps in How to Sell Alluvial Gold Dust 

  • Step 1) Get current market prices are for gold.alluvial gold dust, gold dust, invest in gold dust
  • Step 2) Have the gold dust (assayed). Assaying determines the gold dust is real gold and purity. In the purchase of golddust, a Buyer will want to see an assay report.
  • Step 3) The assay services also refines precious metals, so you may be able to test and sell gold dust at the same time.

Articles on Alluvial Gold Dust:

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What is Raw Gold

Raw Gold is basically a nugget of gold.  While Gold dust appears to look like dust; raw gold is in the form of rocks or nuggets.

Australian Gold Nugget Collection 15+ Ounces

The main characteristics of raw gold are the following:alluvial gold dust, gold dust, invest in gold dust

  • -Raw gold can range from pale yellow to an intense golden yellow
  • -Gold is malleable.  Raw Gold deforms, when hit or pressed.  If you press a screwdriver into a gold nugget, there will be a visible imprint.
  • -Raw Gold is very heavy for its size, also known as specific gravity.

 Steps in Selling / Buying Raw Gold

As Gold prices soar, how to sell raw gold direct to refinery
Steps in Selling / Buying Raw Gold

  • 1- Your Raw gold will have to be refined, but you first should get the spotalluvial gold dust, gold dust, invest in gold dust price of gold.  Some say you should get the physical price of gold per ounce.
  • 2- Get your raw gold assayed.  Assaying is a process of testing the purity of your raw gold, and a value will be extrapolated.
  • 3- You can sell your raw gold to the assayer or shop around for a gold dealer.

Please note: all of the steps above require great care!

Gold Shortage

Articles on Gold Shortage:

Chinese “People Are Buying Gold Like Groceries” Weekly Chinese Gold Demand Transcends Global Mining Production, Again.
“All over the media we have seen extreme gold shopping sprees around new yearalluvial gold dust, gold dust, invest in gold dust and at the Lunar year in China.
This resulted in an all time Chinese gold demand record in January – which accounted for 246 tons.
February 24, 2014 By The Doc Read More

Physical Gold Shortage Goes Mainstream- “While the topic of rehypothecation and the shortage of physical gold is well covered here at Zero Hedge (and the ever-changing COMEX gold vaults’ inventories), it appears the concept of the exploding “leverage” or default risk of the COMEX has now hit the mainstream media. As BNN reports, veteran trader Tres Knippa, pointing to recent futures data, says “there may not be enough gold to go around if everyone with a futures contract insists on taking delivery of physical bullion.””  Zero Hedge
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